1 Year Program

Traditional Knowledge in a Modern Context

We recognize that it is easy for advanced students to feel like they have hit a wall with their Islamic studies.

As an eager student, you have learned a sample of every subject through local classes and seminars. You became active in your community. You studied some Arabic, learned basic fiqh and you might have even spent a summer or 2 overseas (or at least thought long and hard about it).

You may have felt frustrated by the lack of individual time with scholars. The sampling route worked as a beginner, but now you feel this strategy is no longer effective to advance in your studies. You also feel a disconnect between the knowledge you’ve gained and its application. With some focused time with a scholar, you know you could scale this wall you have hit.

These are the students we hope to serve with this full time program.

We are looking for brothers and sisters who:

Can already read and understand basic classical Arabic texts.

Read Qur’an with proper tajweed.

Have demonstrated community activism (i.e. it’s established and not simply an aspiration).

Are not only interested in the academic side of their studies, but putting that knowledge into effective service.

What will graduates of this program accomplish?

Graduates will be prepared to serve their communities as educators, youth directors, assistant imams, and other capacities.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

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