4 Year Program

A Complete Ālimīyah Program in the US

Qalam’s ʿĀlimīyah program is a four-year commitment

The objective of the first year of the program is for the student to develop a well-rounded foundation in the major Islāmic Sciences along with developing the ability to read and benefit from the work of scholars in those subjects.

The second year of the program will focus on advancing the students’ grasp and understanding in the fundamental Islāmic Sciences while covering advanced areas of study.

The third year of the program will uphold the time-honored tradition of studying and surveying the canonical books of ḥadīth along with scholarly texts in the derivation of Islāmic law.

The fourth and the final year will require students to identify an area of specialization in Islāmic Studies and dedicate themselves to researching and publishing a thesis within their area of specialization.

Who Should Apply

Spiritual custodianship and community leadership require two types of contributors: scholars and community activists. Our goal at Qalam is to provide knowledge and training for both activists and scholars. Qalam has made a serious commitment to not compromise either of these opportunities for the other. The first year of the ʿĀlimīyah program is a strategic exit point that equips the community leader and activist with the tools and knowledge required to serve communities in a meaningful capacity, and the four year ʿĀlimīyah program is our effort at producing the future scholars of our ummah.

For the four year program, not only do we require hard work, dedication, consistency, and commitment from our students, but we are looking for individuals who yearn to serve the dīn by working with people as well as research and provide solutions to the theological, philosophical, and legal issues facing our ummah.

What will graduates of this program accomplish?

Graduates will be prepared to serve their communities as educators, religious directors, imams, and researchers.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

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