Broaden your educational horizons

Students are drawn to study at the Qalam Seminary in large part due to our rigorous, well-researched, and refined curriculum. The students not only read from classical and seminal texts in the areas of tafseer, hadith, usool, and aqeedah with their teachers, but they also develop the skills to be able to research modern issues within an Islamic framework.

Apply directly to the program where you wish to enroll. Qalam is committed to ensuring that qualified students are admitted without regard to their circumstances, and that they graduate fully capable of serving their communities.


Enrollment Checklist

This step-by-step guide will help you navigate the process of applying, being admitted, and beginning your journey at the Qalam Seminary.

 Apply for Admission
You may apply for admission online at any time by visiting There is no application fee.

 Complete the Seminary Readiness Assessment
The Seminary Readiness Assessment is a multi-part test designed to determine your likelihood of success at the Qalam Seminary. The Assessment includes a Quran Reading & Arabic Reading and Comprehension Test.

 Complete Your Intake Interview
You’ll need to complete a 20 to 30-minute interview

 Reference Check
You’ll need to provide 2 personal or professional references

 Be Admitted to the Qalam Seminary
The admission decision is based on many factors, including your results from the Readiness Assessment, your intake interview, and response from your references.

 Make Tuition and Financial Aid Arrangements
Your first tuition payment is due prior to your intended start date. If you plan to use financial aid, we strongly encourage you to complete the financial aid process as soon as possible. Once the financial aid process is complete and your first tuition payment is made, you are now enrolled at the Qalam Seminary and will receive emails from the teaching assistants.